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Explorer® Analytical and Precision Balances. Ohaus - B1305-9


The OHAUS Explorer® features a user friendly application-based graphical software platform in concert with a redesigned antistatic draftshield, enhanced weighing performance, and a flexible modular display that detaches from the weighing base. Ingeniously striking a balance between cutting-edge technology and functional design, the Explorer delivers accurate performance, with the end user in mind to improve lab efficiency.
Intuitive Software – A large color touch screen display, four programmable touch free sensors, and Icon driven app software make the Explorer the easiest to use, most advanced balance available today.
Intelligent Calibration – Included AutoCal™, OHAUS’ automatic internal calibration system, ensures your results are always fast and accurate.
Modular Design – A detachable modular display is flexible for work areas with limited space and isolates the weighing chamber for enhanced stability, speeding up your results.

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Explorer® Analytical and Precision Balances. Ohaus
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