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Gas Purifier - D1081-1


This DRIERITE Gas Purifier is specially designed for gas chromatography and other applications requiring dry, pure gas. It will dry, purify, and filter gases used for chromatography and spectrometry. For use in gas chromatography to prevent ghost peaks and to improve baselines. The gas purifier should be used for carrier gases and for flame lonization detector air and hydrogen gases. The gas purifier may also be used to remove moisture and impurities from gases when purging spectrophotometer compartments, etc. The purifier is filled with Indicating DRIERITE and 5A Molecular Sieves for the removal of moisture, impurities, and particulates from gas lines. It is easy to attach using the compression type tube fittings common to most laboratory instruments. This unit is available filled with 500 cc of Indicating DRIERITE for applications that require only drying and filtering. Plastic coated mounting clips may be purchased separately. Note: Do not use this drier in the presence of vapors or liquids containing phosphate esters, synthetic lubricants, hydrocarbon solvents, methanol, acetone, lacquer solvents, or other organics.

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Gas Purifier
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