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Hamilton 80601 710T 100μL Luer Tip Syringe, Needle Sold Separately - S7900-16


Hamilton 80601 710T 100μL Luer Tip Syringe, Needle Sold Separately. The Hamilton 700 Series Microliter® syringes have been acclaimed as the standard measuring device throughout the world for precise liquid deliveries. These syringes are accurate to 1% of their total volume. This accuracy is the result of extremely close tolerances between the stainless steel plunger and the controlled, inner-diameter, borosilicate, glass barrel. The plunger of each syringe is individually handlapped to its barrel, essentially providing a matched plunger and glass barrel set. For this reason, 700 Series Microliter® syringe barrels and plungers are not interchangeable without degrading the accuracy, reproducibility, and smoothness of operation. In selecting the volume of the syringe, it is recommended that the dispensed volume not exceed 80% of the total volume of the syringe. Syringes with cemented needles cannot be heated above 50°C (122° F) without permanent damage to the syringe due to the different expansion coefficients of metal and glass. For applications requiring elevated temperatures, the 700 Series Microliter® RN (removable needle) syringe can be heated to 115° C (239° F). Maximum pressure rating is 2000 psig for 5 µL to 100 µL, all others are 1000 psig. These Hamilton syringes can be ordered with a Certificate of Calibration. The Certificate of Calibration will be provided with the product and the procedure is performed with an unbroken chain of calibrations traceable to N.I.S.T. Please request at time of purchase.

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Hamilton 80601 710T 100μL Luer Tip Syringe, Needle Sold Separately
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