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Quaker City F-4 Hand Driven Grinding Mill - M4020-1


Quaker City F-4 Hand Driven Grinding Mill for crushing grain or feed samples, also any dry chemicals or ores. Largest capacity, easiest operating hand mill available. Grinder construction is sturdy cast iron. Optional coating for food applications. 316 stainless steel. construction available. Grinding plates are made of hard iron alloy designed for clog resistance and long life. Plate clearance easily adjusted by hand to change mesh. Choice of 4-B Plates for fine grinding or 4-CS Plates for coarse grinding. Choice of Tooth Feed for dry grinding or Worm Feed for wet or oily grinding. Supplied with screw clamp for table top mounting. Tooth Feed: 10-1/2 H. Ideal for grinding: Soft or hard grains for cereal & bread, Corn, Coffee, Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals, Ores, Coal, Nut leats, Peanuts, Soil tests, Iron turnings, Lab sample preparation.

• Soft or hard grains for cereal & bread
• Corn
• Coffee
• Pharmaceuticals
• Chemicals
• Ores
• Coal
• Nut meats
• Peanuts
• Soil tests
• Iron turnings
• Lab sample preparation

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Hand Driven Grinding Mill
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