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Heratherm General Protocol Ovens. Thermo Scientific - O2600-7


Thermo Scientific Gilmont 150mm construction industrial direct reading flowmeters with standard valve measures and control liquids and gases in wide range of applications with precision and repeatability. No need to use calibration curves when direct readers are available.
High-accuracy correlated flowmeters are available in a wide selection of flow ranges:
Extremely accurate ±2% of reading or ±1 scale division, whichever is greater. Determine flow values for air and water from the computerized calibration table enclosed with each flowmeter. Tables are included for floats used with both air and water at STP
Shielded Flowmeters:
For higher pressure applications. Clear polycarbonate shield adds strength and protects tube from damage. Fluid contacts only borosilicate glass tube, PTFE body, and Viton® fluoroelastomer O-rings, not the polycarbonate shield. End bushings are polypropylene with PTFE inserts; order coupling adapters to prevent fluid from contacting the end bushings.
Shielded Flowmeters with Valves:
Choose these flowmeters for greater control; micrometer capillary valves ensure precise, reproducible measurement and flow control. Shields are clear polycarbonate, valve consists of a precision-bore glass tube for the fluid and a precision-ground rod of PCTFE (PTFE for sizes 4, 5, 14, and 15) controlled by a micrometer. 20-turn micrometer valve can be adjusted from 0.1 to 100% of maximum flow — control is semilogarithmic. Precise regulation can be obtained through 19.5 turns (0.3 to 60% of maximum flow). Interchange flowtubes among valve assemblies of the same size.


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Heratherm General Protocol Ovens. Thermo Scientific
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