Photo of Control Chemical-Resistant Check Valves

Tubing barbed check valves are constructed of chemical-resistant Kynar® body and Viton® valve for an inert high purity smooth and clear flow path. Use with acids, bases, water, chemical processing, and alcohols. Use for liquids, gases, pressure, and vacuum applications. Operating ranges are 0 to 50 PSI and –40 to 126°C. Autoclavable, zero maintenance, unit installs in any position. Prevents damage to equipment, pumps, and flow systems by preventing backflow.

Photo of Valve Repair Parts for V1000 & V1020 MGM Needle Valves

Assorted repair parts for V1000 and V1020 MGM Needle Valves.

Photo of LRV-210J Pressure Relief Valve, Stainless Steel

LRV-210J 1/4" Pressure Relief Valve, Stainless Steel. For pressure settings of 1800 psig or below.

  • 316 stainless steel construction
  • Relief pressures ranging from 50 to 1800 psig
  • Valve will automatically reseat after opening and subsequent pressure drop
  • Valve is sealed with a lock orifice to prevent tampering or adjustment to the relief pressure
  • 1⁄4” Male thread and 1⁄4” female thread, straight body
  • Male pipe threads have tapered seats

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Photo of Straight Body 1/4" Needle Valves, Stainless Steel

The No. 19 series MGM Stainless Steel Needle Valves are designed for use in laboratory or other applications where fluid transfer is required. They are ruggedly built for severe environments of up 350° F and 1800 psig. Valves have 1/4” male or female pipe threads to mate with new or existing fittings or equipment. Full flow valves have a large hole through the body for fast flow where close control is not necessary. Fine flow valves have a small hole through the body for close control.

Photo of Bobbitt Valves
Outfitted with a convenient on/off valve for use in dispensing from aspirator bottles. Just squeeze and hold the soft center of the valve to begin flow: release it to suspend flow. Made of silicone rubber and polypropylene, the internal surfaces are coated with a fluorocarbon resin for maximum chemical resistance. Steam autoclavable at 121°C (250°F).
Photo of Check Valves
These polyethylene check valves operate positively and instantly in any position. Use in vacuum lines to filter flasks. Arrows indicate direction of free flow. Neoprene disk, no metal. 12 per pack.