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Lindberg/Blue M® 1200°C LGO Box Furnaces - F5123-7


The versatile LGO™ Series Box Furnaces integrates the latest technical advances in heating elements, insulation and temperature control into a self-contained cabinet. The patented LGO heating element (light gauge overbend) delivers maximum radiant heat energy to the process load. The microprocessor-based self-tuning PID control (proportional, integral, derivative) provides optimum thermal process, prevents overshoot. The LGO element is embedded within Blue M exclusive Moldatherm® insulation, combined with unique double shell construction to provide optimum temperature uniformity, energy efficiency, fast response, quick heat-up and rapid cool-down. Adjustable digital overtemperature control, available on selected models with B suffix designation. Removable shelves; 0.58 cu.ft. models include 1 two-part shelf, center position; 1.95 cu.ft. models have 3 shelf positions; 1 two-part shelf included standard. The safety door switch interrupts power to the heating element when door is opened protecting the heating elements and minimizes exposure to end-user. Ordering Alerts: Required power cord and hardwiring not included. Optional RS485 Digital Communications Port allows controller to be connected to a PC for remote monitoring and control of the furnace; up to 30 units can be connected to one PC. (Sample Photo Shown. Options will vary.)

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Lindberg/Blue M® 1200°C LGO Box Furnaces
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