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Nalgene 2421-0500 Fluorinated Solvent Wash Bottle-HDPE_500mL - B7448-16


Eliminate risk of leakage with self-venting Nalgene™ 2407 Fluorinated HDPE Solvent Wash Bottles, which keep the solvent in the bottle. Offering low permeability and excellent chemical resistance to many organic solvents, these high density polyethylene bottles are useful over a temperature range from 0° to 90°C (32° to 194°F). Bottles are designed to dispense through the top with a closure and stem molded in one piece for uniform leakproof service. The tip is molded to provide a straight stream with precision control and can be cut back to increase flow. Tight fit of the draw tube and closure prevents separation when squeezing bottle. Leakproof.

Cap. (mL/oz): 500/16

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Nalgene 2421-0500 Fluorinated Solvent Wash Bottle-HDPE_500mL
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