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Plasticoid M66-9 Twistit® White Rubber Stoppers, Size 9 - R6360-9


The versatile Plasticoid M66-9 Twistit® White Rubber Size 9 Stoppers are four stoppers in one. These multipurpose stoppers offer versatility not available with conventional stoppers. Three simple twist-off seals permit easy conversion from a solid to a one, two or three-hole stopper for all your laboratory needs. Soft, resilient, natural, white rubber demonstrates exceptional aging characteristics and withstands repeated autoclaving. Nipples can be “Twisted Off” revealing the through hole as needed.

  • Standardized packaging in 10 Unit poly bags per shelf box.
  • Convenient countersunk holes
  • Excellent aging characteristics with high resistance to deformation
  • White Natural Rubber Food Grade Compound
  • Available in standard sizes 3 - 10. (Size 3 and 4 are two holes only, Sizes 5 -10 have 3 holes)
  • Assortment Pack includes: 9 pcs Size 3; 8 pcs Size 4; 6 pcs Size 5; 4 pcs Size 6; 2 pcs size 7; 2 pcs size 8; 1 pc size 9; and 1 pc size 10.

Size: 9
Length (mm): 25
Top Dia. (mm): 45
Bottom Dia. (mm): 37

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Plasticoid M66-9 Twistit® White Rubber Stoppers, Size 9
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