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Reichert 13940029 Multi-Chek7 Celsius Handheld Digital Refractometer- R2800-14

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Reichert Abbe Mark II Plus Refractometers
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Reichert 13940029 Multi-Chek7 Celsius Handheld Digital Refractometer.

7-in-1 diagnostic fluid tester. With the simple push of a button, the Reichert® Digital Multi-Chek7® quickly and accurately provides you and your customer with 7 measurements of the condition and state of the vehicle’s fluids. The accuracy and precision of these measurements meet ASTM/ISO standards.

• Engine Coolant: Strictly adhering to a vehicle manufacturer’s requirements assures protection against coolant system failures. Either under or over concentrated coolant levels can have adverse effects. Proper coolant levels protect the engine from freezing and boil over which can cause radiator, heater core and engine failure. Properly blended coolant also protects against corrosion
and lubricates the water pump. The Multi-Chek7® instrument ensures that the ASTM D3321 standards are met.

• AdBlue/DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid): Improper concentration of the fluid will adversely affect and potentially damage the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system in today’s diesel powered vehicles. Ensure that ASTM D7821-12 and ISO 22241-1 standards are met with Multi-Chek7®.

• Windshield Wash Fluid: Improper concentrations in cold weather can result in washer fluid freezing on the windshield creating hazardous driving conditions. Improper freeze protection can also cause complete failure of the windshield washer components. Concentration measurement of the washer fluid is extremely important to ensure protection and performance.

• Battery Electrolyte: Specific gravity indicates the charge of the specific cell in the battery. Multi-Chek7® measures this fluid and provides the service technician a diagnosis for battery re-charge or replacement.

• Brake Fluid: Absorbed moisture reduces the effective boiling point protection specified by the DOT. Inadequate protection can result in brake failure. Multi-Chek7® measures the boiling point determining if brake fluid should be replaced.

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