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Reichert Abbe Mark II Plus Refractometers - R2800-14


Reichert Analytical Instruments Abbe Mark II Plus Refractometers provide a digital data readout in 3 modes. Scales include % solids, temperature compensated % solids and refractive index. A focusable eyepiece and dispersion correction prisms are standard features for easy, precise operation. An adjustable, built-in focused illumination system eliminates the need for transformers and extra illumination. An operator simply places a small drop of sample on the measuring prism surface and adjusts the light source. While viewing through the focusable eyepiece, the operator rotates the adjustment control knob until a shodowline clearly appears. Using the "selector" knob located on the front panel, the operator selects the correct opening mode, pushes the "read" button and records the digital value displayed in the readout panel. Prism temperature can be displayed by pressing the "temp" button on the readout panel. The default % solids scale uses Internation Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis (ICUMSA) sucrose or "Brix" scale. The Reichert Analytical Instruments Abbe Mark II Plus features an RS232 port which allows custom calibration of the % solids and temperature compensated % solids scales and sends temperature and refractive index or % solids data to a printer or computer.

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Reichert Abbe Mark II Plus Refractometers
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