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Research Oil Immersion Microscopes, National Optical 160 Series - M3111-4


National Optical's 160 series oil immersion compound microscopes are superior in design and performance to other brands. This series of microscopes incorporates a wide range of features designed for university and laboratory use. Superb optical clarity and reliable mechanical engineering assures years of top performance. Choose one of four head types, all feature the same body and optical specifications. Chouse from four grades of objective lenses: Standard Achromatic lenses deliver excellent clarity and normal flatness of field; ASC high contrast delivers extra image contrast; Semi-Plan is available for extra flatness of field and Plan Achromatic is featured for superior clarity and flatness of field. All lenses are parfocalled, parcentered and color coded. All are supplied as 4x, 10x, 40xR and 100xR oil immersion. Standard features for the entire 160 series includes WF10x/18mm eyepieces with an inclined viewing head that can be rotated 360° for reverse position viewing, quad objective turrets, a large mechanical stage (140 x 135mm) and a 1.25 N.A. Abbe condenser. The condenser has rack and pinion focusing, iris diaphragm and a swing-out filter holder with transparent blue green and yellow filters supplied. The 160 series microscopes also offer coaxial coarse and fine focusing with tension adjustment with the fine focus being graduated. Illumination for these microscopes features a 12v/20watt halogen bulb with rheostat control. The frame is made of cast aluminum with a gray finish. Dust cover and instruction booklet included. For optional higher-grade eyepieces and objective lenses, please inquire for pricing, which includes installation. Weight: 13.9 Lbs.

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Research Oil Immersion Microscopes, National Optical 160 Series
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