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Shake 'n' Stack® Hybridization Ovens - TMO-222041


Thermo Scientific Shake 'n' Stack® Hybridization Ovens are specifically designed for safe stacking and conserving space in the lab. Each unit has the capability of operating either rotisserie or up and down shaking platform for additional functionality. One compact triple-oven tower can be set up for three distinct functions at different temperatures. Space-saving design and excellent uniformity is ideal for molecular biology labs. Accurate temperature control for improved experimental results. Excellent temperature uniformity for reproducible results with low backgrounds. Temperature range is from ambient plus 8° to 85°C and a temperature uniformity of ±25°C within the bottle. Multiple rotisserie fittings for flexible choice of consumable with interchangeable rotisserie/shaking platform for hybridization and washing procedures. Variable speed settings allows for protocol optimization. (Sample Photo Shown. Individual models may differ from the image shown.) Compatible with: ■Shaking Platform (TMO222000): Provides linear rocking movement suitable for membrane washing and gel destaining. Variable speed control; quickly and easily interchangeable with rotisserie. ■Two medium bottles, one bottle gripper, one mesh and hybridization guide (TMO222060) ■Stainless-steel rotisserie, 35mm clips, 10-bottle capacity (TMO222041) ■Delrin® plastic rotisserie, 35mm holders, 10-bottle capacity (holds large, medium or small bottles) (TMO222032) ■Stainless-steel rotisserie, 70mm clips, 4-bottle capacity (TMO222033) ■Delrin® plastic rotisserie for disposable tubes: holds up to 25 x 15mL tubes and 30 x 50mL tubes (TMO222042) ■Delrin® plastic rotisserie for disposable tubes: holds up to 50 x 15mL tubes and 16 x 50mL tubes (TMO222043) ■Delrin® plastic rotisserie for disposable tubes: holds up to 44 x 50mL tubes (TMO222044) ■Drip tray (TMO222051) ~

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Shake 'n' Stack® Hybridization Ovens
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