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Thermo HP88854100 Cimarec+ Hotplate with 4.25" Ceramic Top. 120V - H2125-1


The Cimarec+ 4.25" hot plate combines user friendly analog temperature control with a more accurate digital display. The hot top indicator remains lit as long as the plate temperature is above 122°F (50°C), even if the hot plate is turned off. Optional external temperature probe (order separately) provides the feedback necessary to keep your sample at the desired temperature. Optional splash guard (order separately) protects you and your sample from mishaps. Optional rod and clamps (order separately) provide the means to secure your sample container to the top plate. Temperature Range: up to 1004°F (540°C).

  • Adjust temperature in one degree increments on the easy-to-read LED display
  • Hot top indicator alerts when the plate temperature is above 122°F (50°C)
  • Raised display design prevents damage to electronics from spills
  • Automatic overtemperature protection cuts power to allow cool down
  • Ceramic top for higher temperatures and chemical resistance

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Thermo HP88854100 Cimarec+ Hotplate with 4.25" Ceramic Top. 120V
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