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Trajan SGE OptChem™ 09262325 ConnecTite Inlet Liners with Top Hole and Pre-Fitted CRS ONE o-Ring, length 78.5 mm PK5 - SGE-09262325

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Trajan SGE OptChem™ 09262325 ConnecTite Inlet Liners with Top Hole and Pre-Fitted CRS ONE o-Ring, length 78.5 mm. This Trajan SGE ConnecTite GC inlet liner is designed for split/splitless injections, offering robust and durable for longer life, less maintenance downtime and reduced maintenance costs. Trajan SGE OptChem™ GC inlet liners provide optimal performance with advanced coating technologies in an easy-to-use format for GC and GCMS. These liners are fitted with CRS ONE O-rings. Suitable for trace level analysis, volatile and organochlorine pesticides (OCPs), pesticides, persistent organic pollutants (POPs), brominated flame retardants (BFRs), dirty samples, and general-purpose GC and GCMS. (5/pack).

Agilent Intuvo 9000, Agilent 8890, Agilent 8860, Agilent 7890, Agilent 6890, Agilent 6850, Agilent 5890, Agilent 4890, Bruker/Varian 1177, Lucidity GC-FID, PerkinElmer GC 2400, Clarus 690, Clarus 590, Scion 8500, Scion 8300; Thermo Scientific, Thermo Trace 1600, Thermo 1610, Thermo 1300 & Thermo GC Ultra gas chromatographs.

  • OptChem™ deactivation is a unique thick film which limits breakdown, ensuring minimal loss of sample and increased system sensitivity
  • Quality tested to USEPA 8081: organochlorine pesticides, and USEPA 8270: semivolatile organic compounds to ensure a high level of inertness
  • Pre-fitted with CRS ONE o-rings to reduce contamination from handling
  • Touchless packaging format reduces the risk of contamination during installation
  • ConnecTite liners facilitate maximum transfer of sample to the GC column and inhibit sample degradation by reducing contact with hot metal components inside the inlet
  • A hole in the liner body maintains gas flows in systems equipped with electronic pressure
  • ConnecTite liners with a hole near the bottom are ideal for analyses where early eluting compounds may be affected by a tailing solvent
  • ConnecTite liners with a hole at the top improve analyses of aqueous samples
  • ConnecTite liners with a hole at the top are also ideal for analyses where compounds of interest elute away from the solvent.


Injection Technique Direct
Geometry OptChem ConnecTite (Top Hole)
OD (mm) 6.3
ID (mm) 4
Length (mm) 78.5
Qty./Pk 5

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