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Bio Plas 6725 16mm Uni-Flex Safety Caps for Culture Tubes and Test Tubes, Grey - T3055-27


Bio Plas 6725 16mm Uni-Flex Safety Caps for Culture Tubes and Test Tubes, Grey. Uni-Flex® Safety Caps are a safe, economical way to cap and recap blood collection tubes and disposable glass culture tubes, regardless of manufacturer. Uni-Flex® Safety Caps are available for a wide range of biomedical and industrial applications. The Uni-Flex® Safety Cap liquid tight seal ensures sample integrity and prevents spillage of serum samples. Uni-Flex® Safety Caps protect your laboratory staff from the aerosols of highly infectious organisms such as TB and the HTLV-III virus.

  • Will not aerosol when opened
  • Fits all varieties of blood collecting and disposable culture tubes
  • Liquid tight seal prevents sample evaporation. The Uni-Flex® Safety Cap is designed to hold under centrifugation, agitation, refrigeration and freezing
  • Easy identification of samples: Uni-Flex® Safety Caps are available in seven colors that conveniently correspond to blood collection cap colors
  • Stretchable, unique over-locking design is far superior to Parafilm. Locks securely onto the outside of the tube lip to prevent evaporation
  • Easy, one hand removal and application. To close, press down firmly with thumb to lock in place. To open, simply pry cap up with thumb
  • Easy to label: Write directly on the cap with indelible ink

Color: Grey
Description: 16mm Uni-Flex Caps

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Uni-Flex® Test Tube Safety Caps. Bio Plas
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