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Wheaton 176782 Pre-Scored Ampules, Clear Borosilicate Glass, 20mL - A1104-20


Wheaton 176782 20mL Pre-Scored Clear Borosilicate Glass Ampules have a gold band on the stem of the ampule which indicates that the ampule is pre-scored. This facilitates snapping off the top of the ampule eliminating the need to file the ampule. Made from low extractable borosilicate glass that conforms to USP Type I and ASTM Type I, Class A requirements. Stems can be pull or tip sealed.

Size(mL): 20
Dia x H(mm): 22.5 x 130
Description: 20 mL Ampule, Clear

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Wheaton 176782 Pre-Scored Clear Borosilicate Glass Ampules_20mL
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