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Wheaton W215235 Narrow Mouth Reagent Bottle, Clear Glass, 100mL - B5561-1


Wheaton W215235 Narrow Mouth Reagent Bottle, Clear Glass, 100mL. This cylindrical narrow-mouth reagent bottle has a borosilicate glass body, a ground glass stopper, and a pour lip. The borosilicate glass body provides chemical, thermal expansion, shock, and heat resistance. Its cylindrical shape is used for a wide variety of applications that require solution containment. 6/case

  • Manufactured from low extractable borosilicate glass that conforms to USP Type I and ASTM E 438 Type I, Class A requirements
  • Features no-drip pour lip
  • Octagon-shaped ground glass stopper seals the bottle to secure contents and help prevent spills and evaporation
  • Narrow mouth ideal for liquids
  • Autoclavable

Cap. (mL): 100
Stopper Size: 14/23

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Narrow-Mouth Bottles w/Ground Glass Stoppers. Wheaton
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