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Aquastar¨ Coulometric Karl Fischer Reagents - TT1001-5


For many low water content samples, coulometric titration is the preferred method of water determination. EMD Chemicals has developed a selection of formulations for these types of determination including single solution reagents, as well as dual anode/cathode reagents. Each type of reagent system is chosen depending on the application and/or the personal preference of the scientist. EMD Chemicals added two new choices of single-solution reagents for coulometric titration. Aquastar CombiCoulomat Frit and Aquastar CombiCoulomat Fritless reagents have been formulated for Karl Fischer water determination using titrators with and without frits or diaphragms respectively. These reagents are suitable for general purpose water determination and present a convenience not found in two-component reagent systems. Both reagents are free of chlorinated organic solvents. The CombiCoulomat Frit reagent (1.09255.0500) is an improved version of the single-solution coulometric reagent (9255-1), which provides faster end points. CombiCoulomat Frit reagent should only be used in instruments equipped with ceramic frits or diaphragms. Aquastar Coulomat A, Xylene Blend is especially well suited for direct coulometric KF analysis of water in various petrochemical products, such as fuels, mineral oils, and other long-chained hydrocarbons. When used in conjunction with Aquastar Coulomat C, this product provides consistent results even in the case of hard-to-dissolve petrochemical samples.Size: 25mL
Description: Coulomat C

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Aquastar¨ Coulometric Karl Fischer Reagents
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