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Aquastar¨ Karl Fischer Two-Component Volumetric Reagents - TT1005-4


In two-component reagent systems, the reactive components are contained in two separate reagents - titrant and solvent. The primary advantage of the two-component system is higher stability compared to one-component systems. Aquastar two-component reagents for volumetric Karl Fischer titration have been further improved to give an increased titration rate and higher reproducibility. The Aquastar Titrants 2 and 5 consist of a methanolic iodine solution, while the Aquastar Solvent contains SO2 and base dissolved in alcohol, which is initially added to the titration cell. Used in conjunction, the two reagents have a high capacity which allows a larger numbers of titrations per titration cell setup. Since the solvent already contains base and SO2, titration times are shorter and the high buffer capacity of the solvent yields higher accuracy and stability when compared with single component reagents. For water determinations in light oils and fats, we recommend Solvent Oils and Fats, Catalog No. 1.88016.Size: 1 Lt
Description: Aquastar Titrant 2, 2mg H2O/mL. Euro Btl.

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Aquastar¨ Karl Fischer Two-Component Volumetric Reagents
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