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Control Company 4181 Printing Traceable Hygrometer-Thermometer - CON4181


Control Company 4181 Printing Traceable Hygrometer-Thermometer. Triple display with 3/8-inch-high LCD digits continuously and simultaneously shows humidity, temperature 1, and temperature 2. Perfect dependable and reliable unit to monitor relative humidity and temperature in the lab, plant, and field. Printer provides hard copy for today's stringent QC documentation. Ideal for use in hoods, clean rooms, food storage areas, drug manufacturing, all air analysis, and environmental chambers. Automatically prints the current humidity/temperature 1, temperature 2, dewpoint, date, and time of day at any programmed interval or at the press of a button. The printer may be programmed to automatically and repeatedly print in any increment from 6 seconds to 59 minutes, 59 seconds.

Relative humidity range is 30 to 95% with a resolution is 0.1% and an accuracy of ±3%RH (30 to 75%RH) ±5%RH elsewhere. T1 temperature range is from –20 to 60°C (–4 to 140°F), resolution of 0.1°, accuracy ±1°C (±1.8°F). T2 Type K thermocouple temperature range is from -200 to 1333°C (-328 to 2431°F), accuracy ±(0.2% of the reading plus 1.8°C), resolution of 0.1°C (from –200°C to 999.9°C) and 0.1°F (from –328°F to 999.9°F) otherwise 1°. Time is displayed in 24-hour military time to the minute.


Multi-point calibration on an individually-numbered Traceable® Certificate which assures accuracy from our ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (1750.01) calibration laboratory accredited by A2LA.  It indicates traceability of measurements to the SI units through NIST or other recognized national measurement institutes (NMI) that are signatories to the CIPM Mutual Recognition Agreement.


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