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Gel Tools, UVP® - E0311-2


The Gel-Cutter's edge allows for easy cutting and removal of gel material. Gel-Scooper, made of strong acrylic with a beveled edge, is designed for easy transfer of gels from electrophoresis equipment to viewing equipment. Gel-Trays (in two sizes), made of UV transmitting plexiglas, can be used for moving gels to the transilluminator. The tray protects the transilluminator's filter surface from scratches. Side panels on the Gel-Tray are angled at a 45 degree bend and extend upward from the tray surface for easy handling. Two sizes available The Gel-Ruler has centimeter markings that fluoresce under 365nm and 302nm ultraviolet wavelengths, providing reference marks for DNA analysis.

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Gel Tools, UVP®
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