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KOEHLER K13200 Petroleum Colorimeter, 115V - P2715-1


The KOEHLER K13200 Petroleum Colorimeter is a single scale, 3-field petroleum comparator designed for visual color grading by direct comparison between the sample and colored glass filters housed in test discs conforming to the chromaticity coordinates of ASTM D1500. The sample and two consecutive glasses on the color scale are viewed simultaneously, making it easier to achieve the optimum color match. For rapid color grading within predetermined color limits, the glass standards can be set to the two limiting colors so that it is easy to check that the sample is within tolerance. The tungsten halogen light source is color corrected to CIE Standard Illuminant C, giving constant lighting conditions for color grading, regardless of ambient lighting. A prism brings the three fields together to aid color grading. Included Accessories: Glass Color Discs (2), Sample Containers (3) and a Calibration Certificate. Conforms to: ASTM D1500, D6074; IP 196; ISO 2049; FTM 791-102. Shipping Weight: 15 lbs (6.8kg). Dimensions: 2.6 Cu. ft. 115V/60Hz.

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KOEHLER K13200 Petroleum Colorimeter, 115V
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