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KOEHLER K95500-00000 Digital Penetrometer, 115V/60hz - A1570-1


KOEHLER K95500-00000 Digital Penetrometer is a microprocessor-based instrument that tests the consistency of lubricating grease, petroleum waxes, bitumens, pastes, creams and other solid to semi-solid products. It provides a full range of measurement and reporting options and operation is simplified by four user programmable presets that facilitate lowering the penetrator tip to the sample surface. The detachable machine base provides a large platform to accommodate a wide range of sample containers and constant temperature cylinders. It removes easily to permit the head assembly to be reversed (for use with a constant temperature bath) or mounted directly to a bath housing or other location. A built-in rechargeable battery pack permits field operation and provides back-up in the event of power interruption. Battery recharges automatically during operation of the penetrometer on standard AC electrical service. The penetrometer software automatically retrieves test parameters and results and determines test averages, standard deviations, and ASTM test repeatability. Software is compatible with Windows operating systems and features a timer/stopwatch function and real-time data acquisition via RS-232 connection. Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D5, D217, D937, D1321, D1403, D2884, D4950, D5329; IP 49, 50, 179, 310; ISO 2137; DIN 51579, 51580, 51804; FTM 791-311, 791-312, 791-313; AOCS Cc 16-60; AACC 58-14; NFT 60-119, 60-123, 60-132, 66-004. Ships with: Standard Plunger, 47.5g; Weights, 50 and 100g. Shipping weight: 21 Lbs. 115V/60hz.

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KOEHLER K95500-00000 Digital Penetrometer, 115V/60hz
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