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Lab-Tek Petri Dishes. Nunc - D1703-1


Petri dishes available in a variety of styles for laboratory use or for use with automatic filling equipment. These products are molded from biomedical grade polystyrene with emphasis on optical clarity. Most dishes are vented to permit gas exchange during incubation. Bottom flatness is carefully controlled to ensure even distribution of media and organisms. Screening is easier and more definitive because the dishes do not have breathing vents. The medium will not dry out as quickly during extended culture. The deep petri dish is ideal for plant and fungal culture where longer culture periods are necessary. Other uses include a TC dish moisture chamber, a staining and hybridization vessel for gels and blots and PKU determination.Size: 63 x 22 mm
Description: Petri Dish DEEP w/Lid and Vent Sterile PS

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Lab-Tek Petri Dishes. Nunc
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