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Nunc 170009 Sterile Cell Factory Systems-Polystyrene_10 Tray Layer - T7400-7


Obtain faster results and lot-to-lot consistency with Nunc Sterile Polystyrene Cell Factory™ Systems. Molded from high-quality polystyrene with the Nunclon® DELTA tissue culture treated surface. A proven solution for large-scale production of cells, vaccines and therapeutic proteins, these systems have the same growth kinetics as laboratory-scale cell culture product. The ports of the system make it easy to customize and close, with custom tubing assemblies that facilitate venting, filling and harvesting. Filling and emptying a Cell Factory is a closed-system operation. No ancillary equipment required (as in roller apparatus). Scale up from laboratory experiments through pilot plant to industrial scale is straight forward when using Nunc tissue culture products. Available in 1-, 2-, 4-, 10- and 40-tray versions.

Size: 6,320 cm2 total
Description: Cell Factory 10 Chamber Sterile PS

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Nunc 170009 Sterile Cell Factory Systems-Polystyrene_10 Tray Layer
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