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Nunc 178599 Sterile Lab-Tek Chamber Slide Systems-Glass_16-Well - T7420-9


Use the Nunc Sterile Lab-Tek Chamber Slide System to grow anchorage dependent cells directly on the microscope slide without cell transfer prior to visualization or staining with the unique removable chamber. Use the same slide later for staining and microscopic examination. Works with 75mm x 25mm slides. Writing surface provides easy identification of samples. Medical-grade silicone sealing gasket can be removed for cover slipping. No cell transfer needed prior to visualization/staining. Useful for viral and mycoplasma testing, chromosome studies, toxicity tests and immunocytology. Suitable for use with fluorescent labels.

Size: 16 well
Description: Lab-Tek Chamber Slide w/Cover Glass Slide Sterile

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Nunc 178599 Sterile Lab-Tek Chamber Slide Systems-Glass_16-Well
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