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Schott TITROLINE® easy Titrator - T7708-1


The TITROLINE® easy is the ideal titrator for your routine daily work. This instrument provides you with the perfect combination of a piston burette, a pH/mV meter and integrated intelligence. Ten titration methods for various applications are preinstalled and can be called up easily as required. Suitable applications for the TITROLINE® easy include: salt content in foods, total acid in wine and beverages, nitrogen according to Kjeldahl, degree of acidity in bread and sourdough, acid capacity (m-value), chloride in drinking water, iodometric titrations, titration of acids or alkaline solutions, general redox titrations. You only need to select your titration procedure: with a self-searching end point, with a pre-set end point, or manual titration with the mouse. The titration process begins as soon as you press the start button. The magnetic stirrer is included and is connected to the TITROLINE® easy. Ships complete with 20 mL dosing unit (TZ-3130) with tubes, screw threads, titration tip with tube electrode-/titration tip holder (TZ-3660), stand rod (TZ-3665), hand control element (TZ-3680), magnetic stirrer and pH electrode and buffer set. The bottle set must be ordered separately as an accessory. 115 VAC.

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Schott TITROLINE® easy Titrator
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