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TitroLine® 7500 KF Karl Fischer Titrator. SI Analytics - T7712-1


Compact, easy to operate volumetric KF titrator for water determination acc. to Karl-Fischer with intelligent exchangeable modules with automatic recognition of unit size and reagent data. Thanks to the modern USB- and additional RS232 interfaces, connection of printer, balance and further accessories are possible at the same time. The very high-contrast TFT-display allows the easy parameterisation and tracking of the titration curve. With the TMKF titration stand used titration samples are drawn off at a touch of a key and fresh reagent can be added by pressing another key. Complete modules for KF titrations: basic unit with exchangeable module WA 05, WA 10 or WA 20, titration stand with pump TM 235 KF, titration vessel TZ 1770, micro dual platinum Electrode KF 1100 and starter kit. Ready to use and user defined methods for sample titration, standardization with water, with liquid standards and with Sodium tartrate dehydrate. Total of 50 user methods. Automatic drift determination and correction. The extraction time is adjustable. Mean value, standard deviation and relative standard deviation. Print out configurable: short, standard with curve, GLP. Result output in ppm, %, mg, ì:g, mg / l, mg / pcs and others.

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TitroLine® 7500 KF Karl Fischer Titrator. SI Analytics
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