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Trajan SGE OptChem™ 0926200101 Straight Inlet Liner with Quartz Wool and Pre-Fitted CRS ONE o-Ring, 4 mm ID, length 78.5 mm PK1 - SGE-0926200101

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Trajan SGE OptChem™ 0926200101 Straight Inlet Liner with Quartz Wool and Pre-Fitted CRS ONE o-Ring, 4 mm ID, length 78.5 mm. This Trajan SGE Straight GC inlet liner is designed for split/splitless injections, offering robust and durable for longer life, less maintenance downtime and reduced maintenance costs. Trajan SGE OptChem™ GC inlet liners provide optimal performance with advanced coating technologies in an easy-to-use format for GC and GCMS. These liners are fitted with CRS ONE O-rings. Suitable for trace level analysis, volatile and organochlorine pesticides (OCPs), pesticides, persistent organic pollutants (POPs), brominated flame retardants (BFRs), dirty samples, and general-purpose GC and GCMS. (1/pack).

Agilent Intuvo 9000, Agilent 8890, Agilent 8860, Agilent 7890,Agilent 6890, Agilent 6850, Agilent 5890, Agilent 4890, Bruker/Varian 1177, Lucidity GC-FID, PerkinElmer GC 2400, Clarus 690 ,Clarus 590, Scion 8500 ,Scion 8300, Thermo Scientific, Thermo Trace 1600, Thermo 1610, Thermo 1300 & Thermo GC Ultra gas chromatographs.


  • OptChem™ deactivation is a unique thick film which limits breakdown, ensuring minimal loss of sample and increased system sensitivity
  • Quality tested to USEPA 8081: organochlorine pesticides, and USEPA 8270: semivolatile organic compounds to ensure a high level of inertness
  • Pre-fitted with CRS ONE o-rings to reduce contamination from handling
  • Touchless packaging format reduces the risk of contamination during installation
  • Straight liners facilitate higher split flows
  • Narrow bore straight liners facilitate fast GC work
  • Small injection volumes of less than 0.5 µL are best used
  • Narrow bore straight liners improve focusing of gaseous samples (purge, trap and headspace)
  • Color coded purple.


OD (mm) 6.3
ID (mm) 4
Length (mm) 78.5
Qty./Pk 1

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